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The first of Rabbit Hole FX's line of mini's, the Zero FX is a transparent single-knob boost/cut pedal:

  • Unity ~ 8:45, so ~ 75% of your twist is boost and ~ 25% cut.
  • Range ~ 4.7x boost at max and ~ 0.4x at min.
-3dB cutoff freq: point at which output falls to .707 of the input, is 26Hz => Highly functional across a wide range of input freq's but specifically for the bassists in the Rabbit Hole: low-end.
    Other Features Include:​
    • Side mounted input/output jacks

    • Industry standard 2.1mm 9V DC center negative power input jack and negative ground operation (no battery option)

    • Mini 1590A sized pedal board friendly enclosure

    • True Bypass, all analog circuitry

    • White LED indicator

    • High quality parts used throughout for reliability, durability and noise-free performance

    • Forever warranty.