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The Two Face, the pedal everyone has been waiting for us to build, based on the classic Fuzz Face of the late 60s and Jimi tones. 

As we know they built two of them, the early one's 1966-1969 which had germanium transistors in them, and then 1970 they used temperature tolerant silicon transistors. Which one sound's better, well that could go on for days in discussion, so I just said you know what how 'bout we put them BOTH in the same pedal and make it switchable ! YES you get two pedals basically in ONE ! The germanium is warm, fatter and darker, the silicon is brighter some say a tad harsher but now you can BOTH tone's at your feet with the ease of the flip of the switch. The germanium was always having problems with it's bias setting due to temperature fluctuations but for that I put a Bias control on top you can tweak at anytime for the right tone ORRRRRRR under bias it and get crazy unique fluttering motorboat tones. It is all right there for you on top, the silicon is inside and set to 4.5V no need to move it - it is pretty solid.

Inside the pedal there is a knob which is the input control, STOCK is totally clockwise, but turn it counter clockwise to lower over all gain a tinge, BRIGHTEN the sound, and also make it play better with Wahs. There is an option (slight upcharge) to have this installed on the side like the Colordriver Master Volume know on the side. Sometimes it works well to just knock a TINGE of gain off as it solidifies the tone a bit, but that is part of the experimenting experience. 

NOW remember this is a 50 year old Fuzz Design, maxed fuzz especially on the '70 setting will give you some noise and swirls etc. Back off the total Fuzz setting a tinge and it really goes away, you want it to be a rocket and you really won't a tinge of sizzle when your jamming only when you stop - DONT STOP PLAYING EVER !  ALSO this pedal is VERYYYYYYY Guitar Volume transparent - also how hard you play - that is the beauty of it...really ride the volume on your guitar and get tons of dynamic sounds.