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Tremdriver is a high headroom preamp that makes any rig sound bigger and better combined  with a foot-switchable harmonic tremolo that gives you amazingly lush and swirly pulses.  Designed to run towards the end of your pedal chain, the Drive and Output controls put you in  clean boost heaven. Then switch on the harmonic tremolo mode, adjust the Speed from a slow  pulse to a quick quiver, and prepare to be mesmerized for hours. 

It’s like a mastering plug-in for your pedalboard. 

Tremdriver incorporates three EP-3 style 24-volt JFET preamps in a series/parallel  configuration being modulated by the discrete oscillator from the Univibe to create the ultimate  EP-3 based preamp and harmonic tremolo. 

Designed to run towards the end of your pedal chain. The JFET preamp can boost or attenuate  your entire pedalboard for complete control over your volume level and how hard you’re hitting  your amp without compromising the settings of your other pedals. Think of the Tremdriver as  your master fader plug-in that makes your mix, or in this case, your pedalboard, instantly  bigger with a wider sound stage. 

Switch on the LFO to give your instrument the magical harmonic tremolo pulse as your sound  see-saws between fine-tuned overlapping bass and treble bands. 

Utilizes all-discrete, through-hole components specifically selected to achieve the desired  sound + response. Carbon composition resistors for their subtle warm harmonics. Premium  orange drop and axial capacitors for their creamy punch and wide sound stage. Tremdriver  features specially selected and matched JFETs. 

Power Requirements  

Tremdriver is powered by a standard 9-volt DC power supply. Do not attempt to plug in any  power source over 9.6-volts. 

Tremdriver does not run on batteries.  

Technical Specs  

  • Input impedance. 1m Ohms 
  • Output Impedance 10k Ohms 
  • Bypass True bypass, grounded input 
  • Current draw 70mA 
  • Power supply 9-volts DC (standard center-ground 5.5mm x 2.1mm barrel)