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The Gett (demo unit)

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The Gett is based on the Black Russian Big Muff. We've made a lot of tweaks to the circuit over the past few years, changed bits, added new bits in, swapped bits around. 

One of the changes is a totally different tone control, so there's none of those Muff style scooped mids.

It's a beast of a fuzz, most suited to rhythm guitar or bass, and heavier stuff. It's plenty loud and dirty.

Controls are:

  • love - volume
  • furz - gain
  • thigh - tone

The three switches are:

  • fluff - adds a little bit of fluff to the top end (you'll hear this more with more gain, and you won't hear it at all when you hit the duns switch... see below)
  • bulge - alters the contour of the tone control from 12 o'clock onwards
  • dunsh - this is where the Gett really shines. It's a three position switch to make the pedal amp smashingly loud and beastly. When you have the duns going you won't be able to hear the subtlety of the fluff switch.
The Get takes a centre negative +9V BOSS style adapter (not included, but available as part of the bundle)