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The Bloody Gett (demo unit)

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The Bloody Gett is two gritty fuzzes in one box.The first is a gnarly, open, warm sounding fuzz that started life as the circuit of a certain Black Russian pedal. It has asymmetric clipping, different tone shaping options and more gain and volume than the original. It’s also less compressed and doesn’t have that mid scoop. In fact it has a well placed mid hump to help you cut through. The second fuzz is... The Dunsh.This fuzz is unsubtle, ill-mannered, and ready to make your amp sound like it's melting.A second footswitch allows you to easily switch between these two modes on the fly.


Furz - This is the gain knob.

Thigh - This is the tone knob.Clockwise adds treble and cuts bass, anticlockwise adds bass and cuts treble.It has a nice little mid hump throughout. There may be some crackle as this is adjusted, a normal occurrence for this circuit.

Bulge- A toggle that adds midrange content to the tone sweep from 12 o’clock to full rotation.There's little audible effect when you turn it the other way.

Fluff - This switch adds some very subtle clipping to the top end. Due to its subtle nature, it gets lost in 'dunsh' mode.

Love - This is the volume knob for the normal fuzz mode.

Right Footswitch - bypass, turns the pedal on and off


The Dunsh mode is what really makes this an amp-smashing fuzz. It removes what civility remains in this pedal and turns it into a wild, screaming animal. Because of its sheer craziness, this mode overpowers some of the subtleties available to you in the normal mode - the tone knob is a bit less responsive, and the fluff switch gets largely wiped out. All the Dunsh controls (knob, toggle and footswitch) are on the left side of the pedal, covered in blood.

Left Footswitch - choose between normal and Dunsh modes. No audible effect when the pedal is bypassed.

Dunsh Knob (red) - Sets the volume for Dunsh Mode. Dunsh is, by its nature, significantly louder than the normal mode.You can use the volume knob to balance these levels, or set the Dunsh as a louder solo boost/annoyance to your neighbours.

Dunsh Toggle - A two-position toggle-switch. Toggle 'up' for a little bit of Dunsh, toggle 'down' for Mega-dunsh. Mega-dunsh gives you longer sustain and more bottom end. Hold a chord and flick between them to hear the difference as the note rings out.

Current draw - 1.1mA

The Bloody Gett takes a standard BOSS style +9V centre negative power supply.

All Champion Leccy pedals and devices are designed and handbuilt in Philadelphia