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Welcome the Supernova silicon fuzz.

Super biting, gritty, vintage type fuzz all hand wired in Chicago.

Couple cool things about this... there is a depth control that shifts from a cutting, bright tone ala Vox TB or Fuzzrite over towards a big saturated fat fuzz with lots of low end and syrupy goodness.  With the fuzz control up all the way, you will get a choked out gain with a lot of edge to it, tons of rasp and harmonic texture.  Back it off and it smoothes out and starts to sustain a little more giving even more options to dialing this supercharger in.  Another cool trick we discovered is hitting the front end of this with an overdrive created some cool octave type overtones to the fuzz... almost a little synth-y.

A fuzz for solos that cut through with texture,  fat rhythm tones, Fuzzed out stoner voyages, and straight up vintage warmth and sustain... this could be the only fuzz you need on your board.