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the SILVER SOLO....It's not like all the others... This boost has a tighter low end, sharper bite, and more output than the usual germanium Rangemaster clones. The Silver Solo is a redesigned version that uses Silicon transistors and a tone blending option to achieve it's sweet spot.

It accentuates dynamics and texture while increasing volume, pushing your tone through the mix when you need that extra cut.

You’ll get more sustain and a sweet harmonic edge to each note. I use it for solos, but this one also works great for adding cut to your rhythm tone. The “Range” control adjusts which frequencies are pushed up. Fully CW is the classic bright treble boost, sweeping it CCW gradually includes more low end until reaching a full range boost.

Take a vintage Marshall and push the front end for earlier breakup. Add some beef to single coils, get rippin 80’s metal tones, or brighten those vintage tweed amps like Billy Gibbons, this pedal does it all.

Most notably heard on the first Sabbath album, Clapton’s Bluesbreakers, T.Rex, and Queen albums, this is a secret weapon of great tone. The Silver Solo interacts with your guitar best when used first in the pedal chain. True bypass with a 9V DC jack.

"I swear by this pedal... kicks the shit out of any Rangemaster I've had. Now I gotta get another one! I keep pulling it out of my board at Conan to use outside the show."  - Jimmy Vivino (Fab Faux, Conan Show)