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Lo-fi Modulation Pedal

As colourful as a full spectrum rainbow and just as variable, ROYGBIV embodies the JPTR FX philosophy of musically expressive pedals that demand your manipulation. This is JPTR FX’s take on the driving sound behind Boards of Canada, along with a grateful nod to the 80s and the legendary Juno and Dimension Chorus units, fused with an itch for noise and frequency shifts. We are proud to introduce you to our VHS colour vision.

This unique modulation pedal sports classic depth and speed parameters, which are further complemented with noise, frequency and grind controls, all giving you complete sonic freedom between Lo-Fi tape saturation and classy glassy warbles. The pedal that’s equally for those that have never liked chorus and also for those that do, ROYGBIV (Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo and Violet) adds true colour to your sound!

Main Features:

· Lo-fi Modulation - from classic dimensional chorus to mangled lo-fi tape tones

· Speed-Ramp Switch - instantly go from slow warbles to Leslie-like spins

· Grind Control - from a touch of tape-like saturation to full-on fuzz fest

· Noise Control - introduce everything from subtle tape hiss to waves of white noise

· Filter Control - make the modulation modern and pristine or warm and vintage

· Wet/Dry outputs - get huge and wide chorus tones when using two amps

· Powered by regular 9 V DC PSU

 (centre -, 2.1 mm, <120 mA current draw)

Based on a classic yet unorthodox take on a dual “Dimension” chorus using PT2399 chips, ROYGBIV, the apply dubbed "Tape Quality Manipulator", contains a great range of modulated textures via its simple yet unconventional control set, replicating all manners of tonal colouring of a vintage VHS machine.

The familiar Depth and Rate controls will take you from shallow shimmers and subtle widening, all the way to deep mesmerising chorus tones and fast Leslie-like spins. Whereas the non-traditional Grind, Noise and Filter controls will help introduce everything from sweet saturation, nostalgia-filled currents of subtle tape hiss and warm vintage tone roll-offs, all the way to relentless distortion attacks and smothering layers of white noise. This makes the ROYGBIV perfect for both conventional chorus use, as well as experimental lo-fi tone trips and is a great tool for faux doubletracking too.

To further enhance the already impressive range of creative uses with this pedal, JPTR FX also includes a momentary Speed Ramp switch, which instantly maxes out the speed of the modulation, seeing you jump between two different modulation sounds in seconds flat. Plus, with the addition of both a Dry and a Wet output, the ROYGBIV will give you epically huge chorus tones when using a stereo setup.

As with all JPTR FX creations, this pedal shines just as well outside of its element as within, delivering the finishing touch for keys, bass and vocalists alike. Once again, JPTR FX embraces the spontaneity with the additional foot switch that kicks the speed parameter to maximum, for instant Leslie rotations.