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Ménage à trois

It takes two to tango... and the Power Couple is swinging their way through the crowd, keeping their eyes peeled for their next adventure. Double boost their egos by flattering them with riffs and kisses. <3

Power Couple is a Double Boost with one switch...

Wait, what?... How does that work?

  • Tap to bypass

  • Hold for 200mS ( 1/5th of a second ) for More

When More mode is engaged, the LED knob will illuminate adding more gain on top of the already boosted signal.

  • Huge knob controls volume of the first boost

  • LED knob controls volume of the second boost.

... Pretty simple

After a few drinks, this couple can yap pretty loud ... up to 25dB. When yapping turns to yelling, More volume can cause the two to "break up".


  • 200mA REQUIRED 



Scenarios by Andy Pitcher

  1. Boost 1 is always on at the beginning of your board, it fills out your frequencies and just makes your tone better. Boost 2 is your actually boost, set to taste. It drives your drives harder, all that.

  2. Boost 1 is always on, Boost 2 is always on. Its your drive for your vintage styled amp, yeehaw!

  3. Boost 1 is after your drives, just as a clean boost, attenuate boost two to be the same volume as boost 1 but its your dirty boost sound.

  4. Put between drive pedals to push your separate gain stages to taste.

  5. Don't feed after midnight, do not get wet. Much like a Mogwai, it will not work and become a gremlin.