OD808 40th Anniversary Keeley Modified

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The 40th Anniversary celebration continues!

Maxon has collaborated with master pedal engineer Robert Keeley to bring you the limited edition 40th Anniversary Keeley-modded OD808.

The OD808-40K features Keeley’s all-new “Max-Gain” mod which delivers a louder, hotter, stacked-gain sound while still retaining the OD808’s signature tone.

"The sleek and classic sounding Maxon OD808 has always been a favorite of mine.  What I have always wanted to do is fully realize the mods in my head.  I wanted to change several aspects at once.  For this 40th anniversary edition I put everything into making it a very hot, stacked gain sounding overdrive.  It is everything a classic OD808 is, just Maxed out!" - Robert Keeley

As with the OD808-40, the OD808-40K will be limited to a production of 400 individually numbered units, each with its own signed certificate of authenticity.

In addition, units 1-40 will be hand-signed by Mr. Keeley and also feature a mini-toggle switch to go between the standard OD808 tone and the Keeley Max-Gain mod.

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-half-century opportunity – pre-order your Keeley-modded OD808 today!