Luminous Phaseshifter (LEAP Series)

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We sent a team of sonic scientists deep into the arctic circle on a secret mission: to capture bits of the Aurora Borealis so we could transmute them into a pedal. What emerged was Luminous, equal parts phaseshifter and swirly glowing haze machine. It dances and hovers with the utmost mystery, occasionally imperceptible while frequently vivid. And it glows in the dark, because of course it does. 
Using the pedal is pretty simple: plug your instrument into the INPUT jack and your amplifier or other effect into the L jack, power up the pedal with 9V 250mA or more, and turn some knobs.
A NOTE ABOUT POWER: Leap Series pedals are digital and require a lot of power. They also don’t like sharing power supply grounds with other pedals, so please don’t use a “daisy chain” type power supply. Use name-brand isolated supplies for the best possible performance.