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Harmonic Perkolator

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Classic even order Harmonic Perkolation sounds with less noise, more output, and a no-click relay based true bypass footswitch.

How or why did we do it? Well, a more robust power filtering section was added to bring the noise floor down and clean up the unwanted hiss/hum in between notes or when not playing. Most of the original units need to be dimed to get past unity gain but we addressed that by adding a transparent clean boost at the circuits end. Now you can push your tube amp into fuzz territory or get to unity with the harmonics knob set low. An original 2n3565 gold lead NPN transistor paired with one NOS PNP GT308v Russian germanium keeps the original voicing intact by encouraging even order harmonics to bloom and bubble into your guitars signal path.

- Soft switching
- NOS 2n3565 + GT308v transistors
- Board mounted Alpha pots w/ dust covers
- NOS 1n34A germanium diodes
- Top mounted jacks
- Red 3mm LED
- Teflon coated off board wiring
- Hand silkscreened graphics
- Built on a high quality PCB (designed in-house)
- Takes 2.1mm center negative +9 volt power supply (normal style)

Handmade with care in Portland, Oregon