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This is a brand new Hammer distortion/fuzz pedal from Greer Amps. This is a highly versatile box that is capable of anything from a clean boost with a little grit to almost 8-bit like fuzz territory. The unit features a grunt control that works in tandem with the gain control. The grunt control controls the character of the gain and in its furthest counter clockwise setting will offer up some nice clean boost tones with just a touch of grit. Turning up the grunt and gain controls results in al almost Rat-style distortion and turning both controls past noon results in super heavy distortion going into fuzz territory and that’s where this pedal truly shines.


∙ Tones that range from distortion to almost 8-bit type fuzz!

∙ Two controls that effect the gain structure of the pedal!

∙ Rock tones with amazing fuzz available!

∙ True Bypass

∙ Uses 9-Volt battery or standard neg. center, 2.1mm power supply

∙ Built with top quality components

∙ Lifetime Warranty to the original owner

∙ Turning the GRUNT control will result in hissing and popping, as it is in motion.  Once it is set, the hissing and popping goes away.