Great Divide 2.0

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Open up a whole new world of tonal options with this super-versatile stomp.

The TWA Great Divide Mk. II combines classic analog octave division with proprietary synth technology to create one of the best-sounding, most versatile octave units ever made.

The Great Divide features five independent voices that can be continuously blended for a limitless array of sounds, from classic stompbox octave division to multi-layered, supersonic Synth mayhem.

It's 100% analog – the circuit tracks incoming audio and subdivides the waveforms to create lower notes at varying intervals. The lower voices are monophonic, but can sometimes be coaxed into tracking double-stops (say please!). The GD’s Upper Octave voice is a form of harmonic distortion that can track polyphonically with eerie precision and often unpredictable results (ring mod, anyone?).

By blending voices at various levels, an absolutely limitless variety of super-sick, super-FAT, super-sexy Synth and octave sounds can be created and deployed to beat your audiences’ booty into submission.

Make your guitar sound like a bass; an arp; a harp; a Hammond – whatever. Make your bass sound like a Moog; a guitar; a Moog guitar or an asteroid hitting the Earth’s atmosphere – you get the idea.

For even more tonal options, patch in an external pedal via the TRS effects loop and control it with the Great Divide! OR, use an expression pedal to control the GD’s output level for gorgeous Synth pad volume swells and other assorted mayhem.

The Great Divide Mk. II features TWA’s proprietary S3 “Shortest Send Switching” - a form of relay-based True Bypass switching that provides the most transparent bypass sound available. S3 switching also automatically reverts the pedal to bypass mode if power is lost.

The Great Divide Mk. II features the following controls:

Dry Level Fader
-1 Octave Level Fader
+1 Octave Level Fader
+1 Octave Envelope Switch (sort of like Synth resonance, or maybe a cosmic death-ray)
SUB Level Fader & Switch with 4 Selectable voices ( -1, -1.5, -2 or -2.6)
SYN Level Fader & Clock with 5 Selectable Voices (0, -1, -1.5, -2, -2.6)
SYN waveform switch w/4 options (Saw/Pulse, Chopped Saw/Pulse, Square, Modulated Square)
Cross-modulation option for -1 OCT (tracks SUB clock)
Raw clock option for SUB voice (think massive, vulgar square wave)
12 Internal Trimmers to control various sound parameters (Tweaky-Tweak)
External Effects Loop to patch in other effects
S3 Shortest Send Switching for uncolored bypass tone

Differences between MkI and MkII:

REMOVED – Custom Chassis
Preset toggle function

ADDED – Dedicated Clock for SYN voice with 0, -1, -1.5, -2, -2.6 options
Cross-modulation option for -1 OCT
LPF shut-off switch for SUB voice