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Goatkeeper is an honorable overhaul of the Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper, a high-quality tremolo capable of smooth swells and abrupt chops. The pedal features an all-analog tremolo circuit that makes special use of a THAT Corp VCA. This combined with the pedal's variety of trem waveform options produces tremolo sounds span the range of smooth to percussive. This serves to make the Goatkeeper a wonderful choice for any guitarist or synthesist looking to amplify their tone with movement to their sound that can span from a brisk clip to a light saunter.

The Goatkeeper works equally well on guitar, bass, keys, synths, and more—throw it on anything to add dynamic motion and jagged mechanical cuts.

Goatkeeper Features

  • Redesign of Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper
  • Two stages of LFO generation
  • True bypass switchable operation
  • Tap tempo input
  • Multiple waveshape selection