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The Flanger-X is a flanger pedal, designed to provide anything from a slight chorus through to a huge sweeping modulation - with the Igor pressure-sensitive controller able to adjust the modulation speed.

It’s digital, but features an analogue sound reproduction of a space rocket launch, as it burns through the atmosphere heading to space! This is envelope-controlled, or on all the time, or just in specific bursts whenever you press Igor.


FLANGE; this controls the amount of the flanging effect.

RATE; this controls the speed of modulation, going from stationary through to very fast.

ROCKET; this knob adjusts the amount of rocket noise, going from none to very loud

VOL; this adjusts the instrument volume.

FBK; turn this to increase the amount of twangy fast echo repeats.

ON/OFF footswitch; this engages or disengages the Flanger-X (true bypass).

IGOR pushbutton switch; this changes the function of Igor from modulation speed increasing, to adding a burst of rocket noise.

ENV pushbutton switch; this changes the rocket noise from following the envelope of the instrument signal, to being constantly on.

About Igor:

Igor is a pressure-sensitive controller pad. Lean on it to change the sound in real-time as you play! It has dual-sensitivity; use it shiny side up if you’re standing, with shoes, or on carpet. For more sensitivity use it rubber side up.

About the rocket noise:
This is internally generated, and is carefully shaped to have all the 3-D detail of the actual thing, muffled cracks and pops over a huge low roar. At full ‘rocket’ setting, part of the sound is from overloading the input of the digital flanger circuit, creating the final texture of the intense distortion. This means that the ‘PEAK’ LED will probably come on at this point (which is fine and does no harm).

When ‘rocket’ is turned down, the circuit stops being overloaded and the rocket seems to move into the distance...
The envelope-controlled rocket noise actually has most of its low-end filtered away, to keep out of the way of the main tone of the notes you’re playing. The constantly-on rocket is full-frequency.

The Flanger-X needs a regular 9v pedal power supply (centre earth, ring ‘+’), and consumes about 80mA.