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fAUX Tone Machine

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Foxx Tone Machine CLONE 

Widely considered the best analog octave fuzz money can buy. Simple controls (volume, sustain, and tone) make finding your sound easy. Toggle switch has  been replaced with a foot switch that removes the octave portion from the circuit making it useful for both rhythm and lead guitar work.   A faithful clone with no value swaps.

- True Bypass
- Board mounted Alpha pots with dust covers
- Original 2n3565 transistors
- Manufactured PCB (layout by BLAMMO!)
- Top mounted jacks
- 3mm red LEDs
- High quality components
- 125b enclosure (4.69 x 2.52 x 1.57 inch)

- Handmade Poplar/Cedar crate w/ lid
- Heat branded by hand
- Burlap style pedal pouch
- Static safe bag
- 4+ unique BLAMMO! stickers (revolving cast)
- 2+ guitar picks (colors vary)

Handmade with love in Portland Oregon