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The ECHOFET BABY recreates the sonic magic of the legendary Binson Echorec in a compact package. Countless Binson units were repaired, recalibrated and analyzed to determine their primary operating characteristics and unique personality quirks.

BABY starts with a custom-designed, ultra-linear preamp section that captures every playing nuance while retaining the three-dimensional spatial effects inherent to the original Echorec. Internal voltage doubling to 24 VDC provides maximum headroom and dynamic response.

Delay time has been increased to a max of 680 mS while repeats can go from 1 thru infinite and be adjusted from dark to bright via the Bass/Treble control.

The “Magic of Age” control adds modulation to the Delay repeats to replicate the unequal wear of moving mechanical parts combined with component tolerance and calibration variations common amongst vintage Binson units.

Separate outputs allow for routing of the wet & dry signals to individual amps/channels, while the Bypass switch also functions as a “feedback reset” to bring the repeats back under control.

Through its “no compromise” approach to circuit design, ECHOFET BABY takes vintage echo effects to a new level of perfection and creativity.