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Dr Freakenstein Fuzz DRFF-3LE

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With attitude turned up to 10, this is the Dr Freakenstein Fuzz like you’ve never seen it before….!

The intense, uncompromising sound is fully reflected in graphic designer black-belt Rich DiMaio’s rendering of this limited edition stompbox. There’s something dark, sinister and machine-like lurking in the heart of NYC’s Staten Island, and he’s channelled it to full effect.

  • Uncompromising full-on fuzzbox – with graphics to match!
  • Limited edition production run – only 30 pedals made
  • Has all the same sounds and features as the mighty DRFF-3 original
  • Comes with ever-faithful companion Igor – the unique Rainger FX expression pad
  • Somehow looks industrial and cute at the same time….
  • It’s custom-design-innovation nirvana!