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Descry is a highly modified fuzz firmly rooted in the Germanium 3 transistor Bender family. Starting with the MKI circuit at its core, add the Filter style tone control found on the MKIII and MKIV Bender, replace the traditional Attack control with a more conventional Bias control and you have a fuzz that gives you a greater range of tones and textures than found on a vintage style Bender.

Controls right to left-

The attack control found on a MKI is replaced with a modified Bias control. Lower settings offer a low gain fuzz, as you turn it up the sustain blooms into an open, ripping, highly textured fuzz. Past noon things start to get wild, eventually becoming very spitty and gated.

Filter tone control lifted directly from the MKIII/MKIV Benders and placed at the end of the MKI circuit allows for fine tuning of the overall timbre of the fuzz. Thin and bright to the left, dark and brooding to the right without affecting the gain or feel of the fuzz. “Stock” MKI tones can be found around 11-12 o’clock.

Standard volume control, this control will go well past unity, start around 9 o’clock and work your way up to find the sweet spot.