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Chaosmic Fuzz

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This pedal design was was inspired by an obscure circuit from the 1960's (Hint: The Scrambler) and updated using radical and modern design methods allowing for greater flexibility and control of a well-loved but limited classic.

Chaosmic Fuzz is a highly versatile octave fuzz pedal that offers precise control - designed with bassists in mind - but guitarists (and others.. try w/synth!) tend to love this thing as well. It's big sound in a small enclosure with fat growling synth fuzz, ripping upper-octave riff-inspiring thick fuzz and chaotic inter-modulating sonic destruction... that's highly sensitive to playing dynamics and remains free of noise.

Chaosmic Fuzz features six wide-ranging controls to allow for precise, fine-tuning to your instrument and rig:

  • Gain - Wide range of gain on tap; from mild to over-the-top

  • Chaos - Morphs from dynamic growling fuzz tones all the way to searing upper-octave inter-modulating madness

  • Level - "Unclean" volume - Adjusts the fuzz'd signal output volume.

  • Low - from the thin, maddening buzz of mosquitoes to the terrifying resonance of a swarm of giant hornets
  • High - from deep, dark fuzz to scalpel-sharp tones that cut through the biggest band and loudest mix

  • Clean - Clean signal volume

Other Features Include:​
  • Top-mounted input/output/power jacks

  • Industry standard 2.1mm 9V DC center negative power input jack and negative ground operation (no battery option)

  • Small 125B sized pedal board friendly enclosure

  • Carling soft-switching relay-based True Bypass footswitch  

  • Violet LED indicator with internal trimmer to adjust LED brightness

  • Durable and high resolution DTS (direct to substrate) labeling and art

  • High quality parts used throughout for reliability, durability and noise-free performance.

  • Forever Warranty