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Cali76 Stacked Edition

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The Cali76 Stacked Edition is a dual-stage compressor pedal, using two of our Cali76 compressor circuits cascaded in series for the ultimate compressed guitar tone. Based on the iconic Urei® 1176®, we’ve taken this studio classic to the next level of compression and flexibility.

Open up a huge range of new sounds with independent control of each stage. With heaps of clean gain and compression on tap, the Cali76 Stacked Edition offers up punch, presence and limitless sustain, all delivered with studio-grade fidelity. This pedal will totally transform the feel of your guitar.


  • Two independently adjustable, studio-grade FET compressors in a pedal format
  • High-current, low-noise, discrete Class-A circuitry
  • Unique THRU control sets signal fed to second compressor stage
  • Independent Attack/Release for each compression stage
  • Dry level control for instant parallel compression
  • Individual LED gain reduction indicators for each compressor
  • 9 to 18V operation for increased headroom
  • Tour grade, all metal construction
    High-impedance buffered bypass with silent switching
  • Designed and built in England



More than a precision tool, the Stacked Edition is a creative tone sculptor. By cascading two of our painstakingly engineered, 1176-style compressor circuits together, Cali76 Stacked Edition covers a huge range of sounds—from gentle “always-on” dynamic control to monstrous sustain and boost. Dial in subtle studio tones or explore the dizzying amounts of gain and compression that the Stacked Edition has to offer.

The gold THRU knob sits at the heart of the Cali76 Stacked Edition. While the INPUT control determines how hard the Class-A preamp drives the first compressor, the THRU knob sets how hard the output of the first compressor hits the second. Increase it slightly to tame the loudest peaks with the second stage. Turn it up and use both compression stages to shape your sound for chewy, touch-sensitive dynamics.

As well as adjusting the amount of compression occurring in each stage, the Stacked Edition lets you independently alter each compressor’s attack and release characteristics. Using these simple controls, you can easily combine two distinct flavours of compression–one to add sustain and fullness and the other to accentuate pick attack, or to catch any stray peaks. Max out both stages for a super-sensitive, ultra-sustaining “clean overdrive” effect.

The DRY control lets you mix your uncompressed ‘dry’ signal back in with your compressed guitar tone for true parallel compression, giving you the character of heavy compression while keeping hold of the natural dynamic expression in your playing. Either side of the main jewel lamp are gain reduction LEDs showing the amount of compression in each stage. These deceptively simple indicators provide intuitive visual feedback, essential for playing live.

Housed in a hand polished, brushed stainless steel enclosure and furnished with aluminium controls, Neutrik jack sockets and heavy-duty footswitch, the Cali76 Stacked Edition is at home on the road as it is in the studio.