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Certified Organic Echo
The delays that become true classics do not simply repeat the notes
you play. They do something special to each delay repeat – something
that evokes a feeling, fueling the music and inspiring you. Plug into Brig,
play a note, and you’re instantly drawn in by repeats that evolve with
captivating complexity and uncommonly rich tonal characteristics. Brig
delivers all the warmth, subtle grit and unique tactile playing experience
of analog bucket brigade delays (BBDs), offering three distinct delay
voicings in one highly addictive stereo pedal.

Three Delays in One
Brig’s stunning dBucket sound generation gives you three different and
meticulously crafted analog delay voicings. The 3205 voice delivers
gritty repeats that can morph as it feeds back, creating sounds ranging
from gorgeous slapback echoes to psychedelic sci-fi effects. The 3005
voice recreates a dual MN3005 BBD chip circuit for longer delay times
and warm repeats with a soft, dreamlike quality. The Multi voice
features two cross-coupled, super-clean dBucket delay lines with
golden ratio timing to create complex soundscapes and a huge stereo
soundfield that remains musical and clean even while sitting on the
edge of self-oscillation.

Deceptively Powerful
Brig is a triumph of compact design, offering a huge amount of power
and flexibility in an elegantly small form factor: Three truly distinct delay
voices. Artifact-free tap tempo. Stereo operation. Straightforward
responsive controls and expression pedal capability. High-impedance,
ultra-low noise discrete Class A JFET stereo input preamp for
exceptional touch sensitivity, dynamics and feel. MIDI control for tempo,
patch save/recall, and more. Premium components, rugged
construction, and a USB jack for controlling the pedal via MIDI from a
computer or for performing firmware updates.

Artifact-Free Tap Tempo
Modern technology FTW: Tapping in tempos with Brig works in a
seamless way that would be impossible with a real analog delay.
Confidently tap your tempos with no pitch shifting, no clicks, ramps or
mutes. All those glorious and unique bucket brigade pitch-shifting,
spaceship-launching and delay character-modifying effects are always
available by tweaking the Time knob, but when tapping tempo Brig
changes to new values smoothly and keeps you in the groove.

Magic Modulation
Brig’s modulation is individually voiced for each of the three delay types,
and was carefully tuned to create beautifully lush modulation at any
delay time or modulation speed. And while the Multi delay voice with its
dual cross-coupled ping-pong delay lines would seem the obvious go-to
for creating a huge stereo field, Brig’s modulation is designed to
produce awesome stereo effects with the 3205 and 3005 voices as well.
To reveal a hidden superpower, set the 3205 voice to its minimum 30ms
delay time and turn up the modulation for sumptuous bucket brigade
chorus effects.

Play the Feedback
Classic bucket brigade delays created a unique variety of instantly
recognizable, sought-after feedback effects, and Brig faithfully and
organically reproduces the same sounds and experience. Brig’s
smooth, responsive controls and remarkable dBucket sound engine
invite you to crank up the repeats, twist the Time knob, adjust the filter,
and get lost in vintage sci-fi psychedelia. Besides all the fun to be had
by pushing Brig into full self-oscillation, just sitting on the edge of
runaway feedback can create intriguing sound beds under your lead or
rhythm playing. As an added bonus, each of Brig’s three delay voicings
has its own distinct feedback characteristics, so you can tailor the
feedback response to fit the sound you’re going for.

Don’t Forget the Noise
A whisper of gentle noise is part of the sound of bucket brigade analog
delay repeats (which is traditionally shaped and controlled by
companding and filtering processes in the analog domain), and all of
that sonic detail and organic behavior is part of the sound of Brig.
Especially with the 3005 voice, the subtle noise adds a dreamlike
quality to the repeats. Lovely as it is, the noise is also optional, and is
easily dialed out by turning the filter knob clockwise past 2 o’clock.

Full MIDI implementation means you can control just about every
switch, knob, and setting remotely by sending MIDI commands from
your controller or DAW via Brig’s EXP/MIDI jack or USB-C connection.
Delay time can be synchronized via MIDI Clock Sync, and the sync
setting can be saved for each preset.
300 MIDI preset locations are available for loading and saving your
favorite settings.

Premium Hardware
An ultra-low-noise discrete analog JFET input circuit ensures superb
responsiveness to your playing, and you can select mono to mono,
mono to stereo, or stereo to stereo i/o with the flick of a rear panel
All of this, plus an ARM DSP chip that provides serious processing
power for every sonic nuance while drawing less energy from your
pedalboard power supply.