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Bootleg Dirty Delay

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The Bootleg is a digital delay that utilizes the Princeton 2399 IC. This was designed to give classic tones that sound similar to vintage tape machines, emulating the bucket brigade analog delay circuits. It’s increasingly more lo-fi and dirty when driven at intense or longer settings.

What sets this apart from the rest is the Dirt section of the circuit, adding gain to the repeats. The decay will become brighter as it tails off…the opposite of most “tape style” delay units.

Includes a Tap Tempo input for remote setting capability using a momentary switch. Details below.

True Bypass, Hand Wired, runs on only an external 9V power source.

2.1mm center pin power supply, negative ground. Current draw is ~25 mA


Tap tempo will set the delay interval. Only 2 taps within range are required to set it.

The delay interval will be averaged over the last 5 active (in range) taps.

The max range of quarter note taps is 560ms, or ~108bpm.

If the tap interval is larger than 560ms (<108bpm), the tap interval will automatically half in value (e.g. eighth notes)

For example, tapping at 600ms between taps (out of delay range) will automatically set the delay to 300ms.

Therefore, tapping invertals from 38ms to 1.12 seconds will register as a tap.

The saved tap values (used to average the last 5 taps) will reset after 1.12 seconds of inactivity. Any tap interval longer than 1.12 seconds will be ignored and reset the saved tap values