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For years I have played some of the best vintage Fuzz pedals in the World. 

My favorite fuzz pedals are Tone Bender pedals and the one that I truly love is the MK2.

As you may know vintage fuzz pedals are as unique and varied as human beings from pedal to pedal. 

I have spent time tracking down an amazing fuzz only to travel with it, tour with it and have it change based on wear and temperature. 

Also, who wants to spend big dollars on a vintage fuzz only to have it change over time? Who wants to take a fuzz that rare on tour if you don’t have to?

Well I am happy to announce that we have nailed what I believe to be the best MK2 style fuzz available.

We have used our proprietary technology to recreate the tone of the finest example of this iconic 60's fuzz with no variations due to age, component degradation, or temperature.

In addition to the normal Volume and Attack controls we added two other controls to the BELLE FUZZ. We added a tone control and also a bias control.
The Tone control allows you to travel in time, everywhere from Mick Ronson's Bowie era TB, to the Violin tone more associated with a few rare vintage Fuzz Face units, just by manipulating the tone knob.

The Bias control is where this thing gets really, incredibly fun.
The Bias knob can allow one to tune the BELLE FUZZ from a perfectly functioning, "1 in a 100" sounding Tone Bender style machine, all the way down to an extreme, low down, filthy box which provides that ugly, sputtering, near Octavia tone that one can only get through component age, failure, or from a "special" Octavia. You tune your Belle fuzz to your happy place and just play away.