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With Beebo, Poly Effects believes that pedals should not be limited to the same basic effects types, but allow the user to combine basic building blocks into more complex processors, or even into powerful synthesizers. Thanks to the beautiful 5" touch screen, patches are presented to the user in a graphical patching environment with free rein over routing audio paths and control data. And with MIDI capabilities and quad audio inputs and outputs, the sky's the limit with Beebo.

If there's a type of effects processing you're interested in, chances are that some combination of Beebo's 94 modules can get you where you need to be. The basic effect types are generously covered—chorus, delay, phasers, and more can all be utilized on their own or in tandem with others to create rich variations on classic effects. But Poly Effects also took the chance to throw some more esoteric modules into the mix, such as granular processors, harmonic tremolo, and reverse loopers. It doesn't end there, because as of Firmware 3.0, the convolution and impulse response power of Digit has merged with Beebo into one firmware, presenting all the modules from both pedals to effects artists at once for sculpting their sounds as they please.

Should all that somehow not be enough, Beebo could also be an entire modular synthesizer disguised as a single effect pedal. Like the effects modules, the user is provided with plenty of basic functions to get started, such as LFOs, ADSR envelope generators, step sequencers, and filter modules. But Poly Effects has also adapted the code from several Mutable Instruments modules, with aspects of favorites such as Rings, Plaits, and Marbles available for use within Beebo. One can even connect their external gear to Beebo's TRS MIDI ports, to control or be controlled by the patches loaded into Beebo.

Beebo provides a totally new spin on the idea of multi-effects pedal. Not many other pedals can match the power and flexibility provided by all the modules included in Beebo, whether your interests lie more in sophisticated effects chains or dense modular synthesis patches. Thanks to the USB port, patches may be saved and shared with users across the world, facilitating a vibrant community of other users passionate about effects and synthesis. If you dream of crafting powerful effects chains or dynamic synthesis processors in a highly compact form, look no further than Beebo by Poly Effects.


  • Virtual modular environement for effects processing and synthesis
  • Touch screen patching interface
  • Quad audio I/O
  • 3.5mm TRS MIDI I/O
  • USB port for patch file management and firmware updates