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The ever-changing Arcades gains a set of effects that should be familiar to fans of Cooper FX, now providing the nostalgic, worn-out VHS sounds first heard on their Generation Loss pedal. This card specializes in the warm, low fidelity sounds of the VHS era, but offers much more flexibility as a digital effect. With several presets available as starting points, the Gen Loss Arcades Card provides sample rate reduction, low and high pass filtering, random pitch modulation, and noise/hiss added to the incoming audio perfect for reminiscing in the memories of years past.

Arcades Card - Generation Loss Features

  • Effects cartridge for Arcades Multi-Effects pedal
  • Based on the beloved Cooper FX Generation Loss
  • Sample rate reduction, filtering, random pitch modulation and more
  • 8 effects: W+F, Fidlty, ComboA, ComboB, VHSDly, Vintge, CDStop, Radio