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Wander through the halls of the Cooper FX Arcades, and with its swappable card platform find a versatile and eclectic collection of effects. The user interface of the pedal itself is simple, containing four knobs, a couple of small buttons to change effect programs and parameter pages, and two switches for Bypass and Auxiliary or Tap functions. Arcades also utilizes a handy OLED screen to display vital information like the currently selected effect, current position of the knobs as well as their current function.

Within each cartridge lives a family of eight related effects, and even under the encompassing card's theme or concept, such as Synth or LOFI effects, there exists quite a range of versatility from the sounds found within. The cards themselves are small and rather inexpensive compared to the price of a whole new pedal, and this selective approach to effects curation allows Arcades to be personalized to exactly what you need, rather than including a bunch of effects that may never be used. Arcades also features an expression pedal input, as well as MIDI input for versatile external control. Spend a day inside the Cooper FX Arcades, moving from card to card and looking into whole new worlds at your leisure.

Ships with PASTICHE card (a sampling (1 algorithm) from each of the 8 cards currently available)

Arcades Features

  • Cartridge-based multi-effects pedal
  • Eight effects per card
  • External control available via expression or MIDI
  • OLED display shows current effect and stored knob positions
  • Four knobs change function based on currently-loaded effect
  • Tap/Aux switch
  • Bypass footswitch