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The Almighty Bass Fuzz is an original design circuit, not a variation of some other pedal. The gain is biting and thick, with enough tonal options to cover a lot of ground. Great for blending with your d.i. signal or stacking with your normal amp gain. There is a lot of volume and gain on tap, and it has a big low end. Tons of heavy fuzz but can be dialed back to sound like a cranked tube bass head. The Almighty sounds cool with guitars as well... lots of sustain and vintage type crushing fuzz. 

TONE Control - contours between a scooped mids EQ turned CCW, and full range with boosted upper mids turned CW.

Your effect is designed to run on a 9V DC power source, negative pin (ground).  This pedal is true bypass. For best performance, use a high quality isolated power source. Any individual wall plug or non-grounded power adaptors may cause unwanted noise.

Warranty info - Inquire with your dealer for their policies on repairs or returns. Daredevil Pedals offers a 2 yr warranty on mechanical parts that are not the result of misuse, modding, or failed repairs by a third party.