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Arcades Card - PITCH

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The Pitch Card for the Cooper FX Arcades is among the most compelling ways to enhance the sonic spectrum of your instrument, as well as quickly generating harmonies, chords, arpeggios, and more. The eight pitch effects found on this card range from standard pitch shifters to arpeggiators, and spectral reverbs to granular delays. All sounds are distinguished by their harmonic content, so adding the Pitch Card to your Arcades collection provides one of the easiest ways to expand your sonic palette, and perhaps allow your instrument to masquerade as others.

Arcades Card - Pitch Features

  • Effects cartridge for the Cooper FX Arcades
  • Collection of pitch shifters, arpeggiators, delays, and more
  • Eight algorithms: Dual, EnvGld, Arppeg, ArpFrz, Organ, Grains, Glass, Crystl