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Arcades Card - LOFI

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Perfect for adding a bit of digital edge to your guitar or synthesizer, the LoFi Card for the Cooper FX Arcades specializes in bitcrushing and sample rate reduction, bringing you back to the early days of digital audio processing. In addition to standard bitcrushing and emulations of VHS and vinyl, the LoFi Card adds delays, reverbs, and synthesizer effects with their own flavors of digital grit. Add in some subtle hiss and texture to soft, melodic lines, or push the LoFi Card to its limits for highly compressed, digital mayhem.

Arcades Card - LoFi Features

  • Effect card for the Cooper FX Arcades Multi-Effects pedal
  • Source of digital bit and sample rate reduction effects
  • 8 effects: VHS, Vinyl, Crushr, Delay, Reverb, RngMod, BitVrb, Synth