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AFG-1 Dynamic Analog Flanger

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100% Analog BBD based Flanger pedal: A Whooshless Resonant Comb Modulator

The Analoger™ Series AFG-1 is a 100% analog dynamic flanger with some unique differentiating features. Its lush swirls, vocal comb filter sweeps, and metallic flourishes can be controlled with the on-board LFO, or articulated by your playing dynamics with our bi-directional, multi response envelope follower. By drawing from synthesizer-style architectures and elements of beloved vintage rack effects, Hawker has designed this modulator from the ground up to go where no classic flanger has gone before.

Specifications and Controls: (subject to change)

  • Type: 100% Analog signal and control path

  • Delay Time: 0.52ms – 13.5ms typical. 0.33ms - 85ms with use of LFO, Envelope and/or external Control Voltages

  • Feedback: Off to self-oscillation and beyond using EXP input coupled with knob position.

  • Rate: LFO RATE, Sine Wave from <0.01Hz to 8.3Hz (~16Hz with CV control)

  • Amount: LFO depth control from OFF to ~85% of TIME sweep

  • Drive: Up to 36dB of boost with clipping and increasing band pass characteristic as gain is increased.

  • ENV control: Positive and Negative FREQ control modulation attenuator, center off. Greater than 100% modulation possible.

  • Envelope: Attack and Release selectable Fast/Fast (~40ms / ~60ms), Slow / Slow (600ms / 800ms), Medium / Slow (60ms / 700ms).

  • Phase Switch: 3 Position; Positive Wet and Feedback, Out of phase Feedback, or Out of phase feedback and wet signal. 4th “secret” mode, in phase feedback, out of phase wet on PCB with modification.

  • Expression Switch: 4 position rotary selects Freq, Feedback, Rate or Amount external control. All controls are additive to the front panel knob adding extended range. TRS jack usable with CV or Expression pedal, (CV range is 0-5V). Ring supplied current limited 5V output. Control input on Tip.

  • Bypass Footswitch: effect on/off. User selectable True Bypass or JFET Buffered (Accessible by removing AFG-1 Cover)

  • Power: 9VDC @ <150mA. 75-120mA typical. Up to 300mA start up. Standard pedal center negative 2.1mm x 5.5mm barrel.

  • Input impedance: >1MΩ

  • Output impedance: 1KΩ Max (5k max for buffered bypass)

  • Noise Reduction: 2:1 broadband with 10dB HF emphasis

Physical Specifications

  • Genuine Hammond™ die-cast aluminum enclosure

  • Dimensions: D=4.95” (12.5 cm), W=3.75” (9.4 cm), H=2.25” (5.8 cm)

  • Weight: 15oz (425g)